USAC Karting Rules & Technical Information

Karting doesn't need another new rulebook. For that reason, USAC is partnering with the National Karting Alliance and will be using the 2019 NKA Rulebook which is available online for free. Click Here to download the NKA Rulebook. 

Essentially, the NKA rules are very similar (or the same) as other rulesets. Briggs & Stratton publishes and owns the rights to all Briggs 206 engine tech. If you have any questions, please email them to

Special event rules, those specific to each individual event and/or class, will be published below in PDF format and on the specific event page and/or below.

2019 Battle at the Brickyard 

Supplemental Rules

Updated: 6/19/2019

Print and Complete ONE form for EACH KART to receive your TECH STICKER and be eligible to go on track at your USAC Karting Event.


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